Radio Frequency Facial Treatment                                                  £50.00 only

This Non-Invasive Facial Treatment will:

-Stimulate skin elasticity & tightening;

-Boost collagen stimulation;

-Reduce deep wrinkles;

-Provide a lifting effect; and

-Deeply hydrate & moisturise.

It will leave you with a youthful, radiant skin and long lasting results

                Essential Oil Elimination Body Wrap                 £45.00 only

This custom-made treatment, enriched in essential oils & vegetal extracts provide a cocktail of goodness which forces your body to extract more toxins.

Impurities in the liver, kidneys, stomach & skin will be extracted via sudation.

This treatment can be done as a course for best results and is ideal if you are embarking on a detox and new fitness program.

(Please note: Essential Oils includes Thyme, Lavender, Viridiflora, Lemon, Ivy, Carica, Papaya.)

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